Entrance conditions

Documents required to be submitted when applying for a post-graduate course (leading to a research degree of Candidate of Science (PhD) at V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University

  1. Application addressed to the President of the university with the indication of the code and name of the specialism.
  2.  Memo, addressed to the President of the university, compiled by the prospective research supervisor on the results of interviewing the applicant.
  3. Personal personnel registration form (certified at the venue of employment).
  4. 2 photos 6X5 cm (passport type) and 1 photos 3X4 cm.
  5. Autobiography (detailed).
  6. University degrees (Bachelor, Master, Specialist) certificates (certified at a notary's office).
  7. Transcripts (with grades) from the university degrees certificates (certified at a notary's office).
  8. Extract (detailed) from the minutes of the School Board on the decision to recommend a particular person for a post-graduate course (this extract is submitted only in the case when an applicant applies for a post-graduate course in the same year when s/he graduated from a higher education establishment).
  9. Extract from the minutes of a corresponding department staff meeting on the approval of the dissertation topic of research. 

10.  List of publications (if any).

11.  Form 2.2 and certificates on the results of candidate exams taken (if any).

12.   Essay on the dissertation topic of research or a copy of the applicant's publication. 

13.  The prospective research supervisor's review of the applicant's essay or publication. 

14.  Request from a state owned entity confirming the employment of the post-graduate student after the completion of his/her course of study.

15.  A copy of the employment placement document issued to the applicant on graduation.

16.  Medical certificate of fitness (form 286-У).

17.  2 copies of the personal IRS (Tax Administration) code.

18.  2 copies of the applicant's passport's first page.

19.  2 copies of the applicant's service record book (certified at the personnel manager's office at the venue of the previous employment).

20.  2 document folders (1 arch board file, 2 regular files).

21.  10 envelopes, stationary.

22.  Passport, university degrees certificates, transcripts (with grades) from the university degrees certificates are submitted in person.


Documents are submitted in the Ukrainian language from June 1 to July 1 (except Saturdays and Sundays) from 13.00 till 15.30. Please do not delay your visit until late June.



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